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Where Is My Talent?

I'm in the Tall Grass

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what. a fan-based community for works pertaining to television shows, namely numb3rs, studio 60, grey's anatomy, the west wing, and sports night, though not limited to the formerly mentioned.
who. neur0 vanity (neur0vanity), aka nv, a 22-year-old pre-med student with a minor in english.
where. born and raised in spencer, iowa, neur0 vanity began as a talented & gifted student, participating in mock trial tournaments (including state finals and receiving the outstanding attorney award) and starting a student newspaper. in manitowoc, wisconsin, she was an editor for the school paper, editor-in-chief for the student literary magazine, vp for fbla, member of sadd, and a performer in school choir, band, marching band, pep band, jazz band, drama club, tennis, cheerleading, and science olympiad. she moved to lakeville, minnesota, in her junior year and was president of her school choir as well as a ubiquitous presence in concert band, marching band, pep band, musicals, drama club, and orchestra.
when. nv began writing fan fiction on 5/20/06 with a numb3rs/buffy crossover. this fiction archive was started on 9/16/07.
how. this archive was created and coded by neur0vanity. all works and layouts are her property. all pre-existing characters contained in this archive are the property of their original creators, and proper credit is given in each instance; no copyright infringement is intended, nor is any profit being made.